The Decco 83 System is a three-seal profile with excellent thermal and acoustic properties.
Designed with geometric elegance, it perfectly matches all the latest trends in the industry, especially those most sought-after on the European market. Made of high-quality PVC, it can be successfully used both in single-family houses and large development projects.
The large chambers allow for the use of reinforcements that enhance the stability of the profile.
Recommended for all customers seeking windows with enhanced thermal insulation properties.

  • Seven-chamber system with installation width of 81 mm with a third central seal!
  • Possibility to apply multiple types of glass packets of 23 mm to 53 mm wide!
  • Profiles in pure white
  • Modern design – sharp edges make the windows look modern
  • Excellent heat insulation: Uf = 0.96 W/m2K (with a glass packet 52 mm)
  • Reference window 1230 mm wide 1480 mm high with a glass packet 52 mm: Uw = 0.57 W/m2K
  • Possibility to apply a thermal insert improving heat parameters.
  • An optimum height of profile bending ensuring 5 % more light as compared to other systems in its class (in a double-sash window; dimensions: 1465 mm wide, 1435 mm high)
  • Profile core aligned with the colour of decorative foil.
  • Three core colours on offer: white, caramel and dark brown
  • A broad range of decorative foils.
  • Seals in grey or black
  • Extended reinforcement chambers improving the rigidity of the windows and supporting the production of all correctly designed structures
  • The production technology has been developed by Decco engineers and a world leader in tool production – Greiner